Change grading for an assignment or a scanned exam (not created in TomaSafe):

The questions structure for scanned exams or assignments is manually built by the user within TomaGrade , therefore can always be modified. See here for more info.

Change grading for an exam created in TomaSafe (online or mixed-printed):

The exam structure created in TomaSafe's editor is limited:

Changes to closed-ended questions:

There are changes that can be made to closed-ended questions, such as: cancelling a question, adding/changing a correct answer, and partial scoring for correct answers (see detailed explanation here).

Changes to open-ended questions:

Direct changes to the grading structure of open-ended questions cannot be made. However, this can be done by using a factor formula.

Changes using a factor formula:

With an Excel-type factor formula, changes in grading can be defined for specific questions. Read more here.