Please note that this guide refer only to scanned exams (or assignments) which their exam structure was not created in the TomaSafe.


Also available in a video... click here if you prefer to watch the video tutorial

What is the Exam Structure?

Exam structure is the grading frame of the exam: number of questions and the maximum score for each question

Is it possible to check without setting the Exam Structure?

It is possible to check without BUT it is recommended to set the Exam Structure so that you will be able to use the advanced tools, gain automated control, and build an exam grading indicator.

Please note: Once you've graded one notebook without an Exam Structure all other notebooks will have to be checked without it

Where do you set the Exam Structure?

When grading an exam for the first time after clicking the "Start Checking" button the "Exam Structure" setting window will pop-up

It can also be accessed in the "Exam Structure" tab on the main screen.

What are the steps for setting the Exam Structure?

  • Adding questions: Select the number of questions to add and click the "Add Question" button
  • Set a maximum score for the questions: After adding the questions we will type in the maximum score in the score boxes
  • Set an equal score for several questions at once: Enter the number of questions to add, enter the score for each question in the top score box and finally click the "Add Question" button
  • Delete a question: click the trash can button within the question's row
  • At the end don't forget to click the "Save" button

How do I add sections?
Check the checkbox next to the relevant question and the add questions panel will now add sections instead. 

Enter the number of sections requested and click the "Add Sections" button.

In the same way, you can also add sub-sections: Check the box next to the desired section and the add questions panel will now add sub-sections 

How do I add a bonus question?
In the Exam Structure check the box within the bonus column of the relevant question

Is it possible to set choice/selection groups questions?

You can set multiple selection groups.  Click here for the full explanation

Is it possible to import Exam Structure from my other courses?
Yes, click here for an explanation of how to do this.

Can exam structure be changed after I've started grading? 

Yes, it is possible, but attention must be paid to the conditions detailed below.

At any stage, you can access  the "Exam Structure" tab on the main screen and modify it.


  • In case there is a discrepancy between the grading already entered for a question and the maximum points we want to set, the system will first require correcting the grade given for the question (if the grade entered for one of the examinees is greater than the new maximum we want to set for the question).
  • Once we have confirmed the completion of checking for one of the exam notebooks, it will only be possible to change the array after reopening it using the "Enable edit mode"
  • An exam that has been published (the "Finish Checking" button pressed on the main screen) is closed for changes.