Revolutionizing Code Questions in Online Exams

System: TomaEditor, TomaEtest, Vix Client

Expanding Beyond Tests to Assessments, Automated Exams, and More

Code questions in online exams have received a major upgrade, now including tests, automated assessments, and more. This advancement allows for automatic question checking, saving valuable grading time. It also enables the upload of ready-made code files in various programming languages, all while enhancing the student experience.

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Expanding the "Grade by Question" Feature to Printed Exams

System: TomaGrade

Grading individual questions in scanned examinations made easy.

The "Grade by Question" feature, originally designed for online exams, has now been extended to printed exams. This enhancement enables meticulous evaluation of questions in scanned exams. You can choose questions for detailed review and grading, with seamless transitions to the next examinee and the same question.

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Enhance the Students' Experience with Drafts

System: TomaEditor, TomaSafe, Vix Client

Introducing a new "drafts" tab for students during exams. 

Examinees can access and use this feature throughout the exam, with content saved and then automatically deleted after the exam's completion.

Streamline the Preview Stage in the Exam Creation Process

System: TomaSafe

Improvements in the preview stage during exam creation in TomaSafe

Experience a refined preview stage in the exam creation process in TomaSafe. After the "instructions" stage, you can now preview the online exam exactly as it will appear in real time. This new addition simplifies the process of finalizing your exam creation and ensures everything is in order before deployment.