Please note that since the process is carried out by defining the question areas, this tool is only possible in exams where the students answered on the questionnaire and not freely in a notebook.


Starting and defining the question areas:

After defining the Exam Structure a pop-up window will appear, prompting you to specify how students answered the exam.

Select the "structured questionnaire" option to indicate the method of answering.

Click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.

To mark the area for question 1, click on the question from the list on the side.

Use your mouse to create a bounding box around question 1 by dragging your cursor.

Ensure the marked area encompasses the entire question.

If you're question exceeds one page mark its area in the first page, click again on the question box on the side and mark its area in the second page

After marking question 1, proceed to mark the following questions similarly.

Once you have marked all the questions, click on the "Continue" button to move forward.

Now, you can grade the exam by question.

The grading method:

(A) Selecting the question (B) Moving to the next notebook (according to the student ID) (C) Giving a grade (D) Moving to the next examinee (note the changes in the button below) (E) Progress bar in the exam

  • Select the question you want to check laterally
  • Grade by using the G button (you can also use G on the upper toolbar) 
  • Move to the next examinee by using the arrows or by pressing the next examinee button.

 Continue like this until the question has been graded in all the notebooks.

After grading the same question in all the notebooks, the button will change to "Next Question" and it will move you to start the grading of the next question in line.

As soon as you finish grading the examinee's notebook, the following message pops up (press OK):

After cross-checking of all questions is completed, the button will change to "Confirm Grade". By clicking it, the system will sum up the grades of all the questions of each exam for a final grade, display a summary, and by clicking OK, close the notebook's examination. This way you can finish the examination of all the notebooks.

How can you edit the selection areas?

You can edit the areas by clicking on the edit icon:

After clicking, the question selection panel will appear. To edit the area, access the defined question area and change it by dragging the "handles" of the area:

How to switch between  "Check by question" and "Check by examinee"

With the grading mode toggle, you can, at any stage, switch to "Check by question" and define the areas of the question.

Also, at each stage, you can return to "Check by examinee"