Preliminary Requirements:

Before addressing any Excel-related requests for an online exam, ensure that the student's computer and Excel software meet the following criteria:

  • Confirm the computer meets the online exam requirements.
  • For Excel exams, a minimum 8GB memory is recommended.
  • Valid licensed Excel software (version 2016 or higher).
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS only.
  • Disable automatic saving to ensure proper lecturer review.
  • For touch screen computers, consider disabling the touch screen option to prevent typing issues.

Guidelines for Correct Exam Operation:

  • Certain Excel buttons and tabs are disabled for security purposes.
  • Press the "Save" button in Excel during work, as automatic saving is not supported.
  • Avoid minimizing the file completely.
  • Be mindful of the exam timer, especially when working in full-screen mode since the exam timer is located only on the exam app.
  • Click the "Open File" button once and be patient. Avoid clicking repeatedly, as the opening time varies based on the file, Excel version, and computer hardware, and may take several seconds.

Common Issues and Solutions:

Excel is Unresponsive

Exit Excel, restart the computer, and reconnect to the exam.

Excel Does Not Open

Since Excel opening time varies based on the file, Excel version, and computer hardware, wait up to 30 seconds for Excel to open and avoid clicking the button excessively.

If unsuccessful, exit, reboot the computer, and log in again, if the log in attempt does not involve a reboot, please make sure in Task Manager that the Excel process (Excel.exe) does not run in the background

Excel Disappears

If Excel is minimized or the exam interface is clicked, and Excel is now in the background, exit the software. Check if Excel is open (both in the taskbar and on the screen; it may be minimized). If Excel is not found in either place, check the task manager. Save and close Excel, then reconnect to the exam.

Automatic Saving to OneDrive

Working with Excel set to automatically save to the cloud is prohibited. This type of Excel file will be stored outside the exam and won't be sent for the lecturer's review. The file will be saved in the user's Microsoft Drive account, possibly in a local backup folder based on settings.

In such cases, the institution's policy should guide decisions on how to proceed. From the system's perspective, it's not possible to merge such a file into the Excel file of the exam.

Exam Submission Issues

If the student continues working in Excel without noticing the automatic submission, the server will receive everything they manually saved up to that point.

If you wish to allow the student to submit again to make sure all changes were submitted you can perform a re-login scenario:

For an active exam:

  • Cancel submission on the monitor*.
  • Provide a time extension for the student to re-enter the exam**.
  • The student re-enters the exam and submits again.

* For an exam in parts, you can cancel the submission for the relevant part.

** If it's the first part of a multi-part exam, be sure to add a sufficient time extension. The time extension window will display the anticipated end time based on the extension you specify.

For completed exams:

A late submission must be processed for the student.

Note: Each case is individual, and the suggested steps may vary based on institutional policies and considerations.