If a student exits the exam and is interested in returning to it, he will have to get permission from the supervisor to do so. The system performs all of the request and permission processes.


The steps to be followed on the student's side

Perform the exam re-login process:

1. Run the VIX software installed on the computer

2. On the Exam Identifier screen, enter the identifier that you receive by text message from Tomax and/or the institute

3. Enter your student identifier (or authentication through the institute’s information system)

4. At this stage, the following screen will appear. The examinee must choose whether he is taking the Exam outside the institute or in an examinee classroom inside it. 

  • For an exam that is being conducted outside the institute (such as at the student’s home), press Request re-login permission, you can write comments to the supervisor specifying the reason for the request

The student will receive an indication that he must wait for the supervisor’s permission. After the supervisor’s permission, he will be automatically redirected to the following login screens.

  • For an exam that is being performed in an examination classroom at the study institute, the supervisor may provide a re-login code.

The steps to be followed on the supervisor's side (online exam monitor) 

After the student’s login request is sent, an update will appear in the Monitor. The update may be seen in the 'Participants' tab in the Monitor.

To permit or reject the student’s request, perform the following steps:

1. In the Monitor, 'Participants' tab, press the Waiting for Re-Login filter button 

* You can also filter by 'Pending Actions'


2. The participants table will only display students who are waiting to re-login

3. In the 'Exam Status' column, press the editing pencil in the cell

4. The next screen will appear, in which you must choose whether to approve or reject the student’s request.


  • In the case of an exam in a computer classroom, a code may be used for re-logging into the exam. The code will appear in the Exam Info tab under 'Passwords'.


* Make sure not to use this re-login method for examinees at home, because the code is reusable and transferrable