Where is the Factor Feature?

To give a factor, you have to finish the grading of all notebooks within the course-

After all the notebooks are in "Checked" status, the "Grades and Factor" tab will appear on the main screen:

How to add a factor?

Select the desired factor type and enter the relevant data.

In the checkboxes, you can mark whether to allow scores above 100 and if the system should round decimal grades

Click on the "Preview and Save" button, and a preview window will pop up allowing you to review how the factor will affect the mean, standard deviation, and current grades for each student.

You can go back and perform changes by clicking "Cancel" or save by clicking "Save Changes".

Can I cancel or change a factor after saving?

Yes, as long as you do not press the "Finish Checking" button that locks the exams for editing, you can return to the "Grades and Factors" tab to change the factor settings or remove it completely by pressing the "Cancel Factor" button.

What kind of factor formulas can I use?

Click here for details and an explanation of all existing factor types