Flexible Time Window Exam

System: TomaEtest, Assessment Studio

Scheduled Exam in a Flexible Date Range

From now on, you can set exams in a flexible time window. Set the time window during which the exam can be accessed, and the duration of the exam. Students will be able to choose when to take the exam within the defined time range, and the timer will start once they enter.

For example: I created an exam that will be available from today until next week at 09:00, and the exam duration is 120 minutes. The examinees will be able to enter during the week at any time they want until 09:00 in the morning next week. Once they enter, they will have 120 minutes to complete the exam.

New in the Exam Editor - Improved Question Grouping

System: TomaEditor

Creating Question Groups of Different Types

From now on, you can group questions of different types together:

- Question group

- Choice group

- Sections

For example: If you want to create a closed question and add a justification option to it, you can do so by creating sections where the first section is a closed question and the second section is an open question (of course you can also create it in other formats that suit you, such as a question group that contains both a closed question and an open question).