In the Exam Monitor you can organize students into invigilation groups, assign invigilators to each group, and view each invigilator's assigned group.

1. Creating Groups:

Navigate to the Participants tab on the monitor and select "Groups Creation."

  • Create invigilation groups by either specifying the number of groups (e.g., 2 groups) or by defining parameters for division (such as exam rooms).
  • Click "Create Groups" to proceed.

2. Assigning Invigilators:

After creating the groups, proceed to assign invigilators to each group from the provided list.

  • You can assign more than one invigilator to a group if needed.
  • Confirm your selections by clicking "OK."

Note: Students are evenly distributed among the assigned invigilators.

3. Managing Groups:

To remove created groups, simply click on the "Reset Groups" button.

4. Viewing Assigned Groups:

Invigilators can view their assigned invigilation group by toggling the display from "All Participants" to "My Group" in the upper right corner of the screen.

* Keep in mind that group filtering impacts the display of proctoring, verifications, and messages tabs accordingly..