Welcome to the Verification Tab in the Monitor. This guide will help you navigate through the various features and functions of this tab to efficiently manage student verifications.

Fast navigation

Screen Structure

In the Verification Tab, you can easily manage student verifications using a range of helpful features. Here's a breakdown of what you can do:

Filter by Status: To focus on specific verification statuses, simply click on the corresponding filter square. For instance, click on "Declined" to view students who did not pass one of the verifications.

Note: A student's record will appear under the "Approved" status only if all three types of verifications are in the "Approved" status.

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(1) Views (2) Filters (3) Verification types (4) Verification statuses

Student Record

To access a student's record, click on the student's name. This will open up three panels, each dedicated to one of the three verification types.

In each panel, you can view the uploaded photos or videos. To enlarge an image or video, click on the respective icon:

To play a video, click on the video thumbnail, then click the "PLAY" button.

The current status for each photo or video is displayed above it:

  • "Pending" if the student has not submitted any media.
  • "Waiting" if the student has submitted media but it's awaiting review.
  • "Approved" if the student has successfully passed verification.
  • "Rejected" if the student did not pass verification.

To change the status, click "Approve" or "Reject" below each photo or video.

(1) The current status (2) Video footage (3) Reject the verification

Sending a Rejection Message

If you wish to reject a student, click on the "Reject" button. A window will appear, allowing you to send a message to the student. You can either type a custom message or select one from a list of predefined messages. To send the message, click "Proceed."

Verification History

Under each verification type, you can access the verification history to review any changes that have been made.

Focus Display

In this view, only one student is displayed at a time. It shows students who are in "Pending Verification" status in one verification type but have not been rejected in another.

You can switch between different verifications for the same student by clicking on the desired verification type or by using the "Next" and "Back" buttons.

To approve or reject a student's photo or video, use the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons at the bottom of the screen. If you choose to reject, the same message-sending screen described in the "Sending a Rejection Message" section will appear.

To navigate to the next student or return to the previous student, simply click the "Next Participant" or "Previous Participants" buttons, respectively.

(1) Focus view (2) Switch between verification types for the same student (3) Approve or reject the verification (4) Swich between students in the same exam

keyboard shortcuts

On the Focus view you can also use keyboard shortcuts for different actions. In order to use the keyboard shortcuts, you need to turn it on by clicking the wheel button and mark the Keyboard shortcuts visibility.
If you wish to see all the shortcuts, click the Keyboard shortcuts mapping.