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Improving Online Exams with a Random Question Generator

System: TomaEditor

Randomly Generated Question Sets for Examinees

Introducing a highly anticipated feature: the ability to select a specific number of questions from a larger pool, resulting in unique exam versions for each examinee.

How to make this happen?

It's straightforward! Start by creating your questions in the exam editor, group them into a questions group, and set the number of questions that should be generated for each examinee.

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An Innovative Question-Based Grading Tool

System: TomaGrade

A Streamlined Interface for Exam Grading by Question

Introducing a new feature that empowers users with the flexibility to select their preferred exam grading method: by examinee (as previously available) or by question, with a revamped user interface. Opting for grading by question activates a specialized grading interface, enabling users to conveniently focus on specific questions, grade them, and seamlessly transition between examinees and questions.

Enhanced TomaSafe User Interface - Streamlined Actions with a Single Click

System: TomaSafe

Configuring One-Click Action Buttons for Every Status

System administrators will be able to define quick action buttons for each status in TomaSafe without having to select them from a menu.

When the user marks a record (clicks on the "padlock") the action button will be displayed.

The quick buttons will both save time and allow clarity for the user as to what action needs to be taken at each step.

For example, in the status "Exams waiting for upload" the user will be shown a button to start the process of creating the exam without the need to select it from the actions menu (the names of the buttons and the statuses may vary between institutions):

Enhancements in Role Management for Online Exams

System: TomaSafe, TomaEtest

Role Configuration and New Supervisor Settings

Today, system administrators gain the ability to assign supervisors directly within TomaSafe. Furthermore, based on popular demand, the invigilator interface of the exam monitor will no longer display the exam's content.

Improving User Experience in the Exam Interface and Mobile Appthe user experience in the exam interface and the mobile application

System: TomaSafe, TomaEtest

We've introduced a new design to streamline the process for students as they enter the exam. Our aim is to improve the overall student experience and simplify the various preparation and verification steps before starting the exam. We've made UX improvements to the hardware testing and verification phase within the exam interface.

Furthermore, in the mobile application, we've updated the designs for verifying the exam room and positioning the second camera.