It is possible to define a set of questions that will be randomly selected for examinees from a wide range of questions. This feature will generate different versions for each examinee randomly.

Instructions for creating the questions in the Editor:

1. Create the questions (by clicking on the plus button).

2. Group them as a set of questions (by selecting the relevant questions and clicking on the group button located in the management toolbar).

3. From the "more actions" menu of the group (the three-dot menu), select "Random question pool".

4. Choose the number of questions that should be displayed to the examinee out of the total, and assign points for each question.

Below are screenshots illustrating the above:

Add questions, select and group them

Click on "Random question pool" from the 3dots menu

Set the number of questions to be randomly selected and allocate the score for each question

In order to adjust the selection settings:

1. At the opening of the group of questions, click on the "Random question pool" button.

2. Update the data and click apply.

Student's Side

This is how it appears in practice for the examinee (whom we have chosen to present two out of three questions).