This type of question allows writing a sentence, expression, or paragraph and allocating room for the student to fill in the missing word or words.

There are two kinds of "Fill in.." questions:

Fill in the blank Text


1. Select the “Fill in the blank text” question type

2. Make sure that the mouse cursor is on the place where you wish to add a filling option and click the “Fill in the blank text” button.

3. A “text completion” box will be added below, where the answer is entered

4. You can enter the relevant score beside the answer 

5. These actions are repeated for each option for completing text throughout the question

Fill in the blank Dropdown:


1. Select the "Fill in the blank Dropdown" question type.

2. Type the question and proceed according to the following steps:
(Click on the image to enlarge)

  1. Place the cursor on the location where the blank space will be added
  2. Press Blank Answer
  3. Add answer options to the blank answers list
  4. Delete the answer if needed
  5. Set the correct answer
  6. Press to add more answer options
  7. Set the score for the blank answer