Verification using an invigilator code allows the invigilator in the classroom to give students a valid entry code for a limited time and thus prevent the possibility of the code being transferred between students in different classes.


  1. Setting up verification with a password - The verification type of the exam should be set to "Password Verification". This can be set in advance in the exam settings in the TomaSafe, or directly in the exam monitor under the "Exam Info" tab, "Settings" -> "Verification Type".You can also define this specifically for the student in the monitor under the "Participants" tab in the "Verification Type" column.
  2. Generating the code - The code will appear in the "Exam Info" tab under the "Passwords" column. To generate it, click the "Generate Code" button.
  3. The code changes every two minutes or by proactively pressing the button.

The code is specific to the invigilator - that is, to the user with whom you connect to the Exam Monitor. Do not pass the code to other users.

The invigilator side:

The student side: