One feature that is added to the plus and minus buttons (partial grades) is the ability to attach a comment to the grade.

For the purpose of demonstration, we will choose the minus button, deduct 5 points from question 1, and add a comment. Afterward, simply press the OK button.

Contrary to the comments are added in the G and Mini G tools, the comments in the Plus/Minus tool are the ones that are added to the Comments Bank, similar to how T comments and sticky note are added.

The comment we added with the minus tool will deduct the points as indicated in the grade question window.

After deduction of 5 points and adding a comment to the grade, we can see that the comment has been added to the comments bank on the left side of the screen.

We can observe that we have deducted 5 points from question 1 for this particular student.

We may proceed to the next student and then access the comments bank to duplicate the grade comment we created.

It can be observed that the use of a comment in this notebook has deducted 5 points for question 1.

The grade comments enable us to create a benchmark for testing and thus quickly assess the exam for consistency and accuracy in our grading.

Update a Grade Comment

It is possible to update the deduction/addition of the grade in the grade comments by clicking on the "Comments Bank" tab and clicking on the update icon.

In this tab, we will find all the comments that were added during the check process.

After clicking on the update icon, a grade question window will appear for the new grade that we wish to change.

Afterward, simply press the OK button.

A window will open in which we choose how we will update the grade comment.

A table is shown in which we will see how the change we want to make will affect each of the students individually and whether we wish to:

1.  Update the comment in the bank only (without affecting the existing grades) or 

2. Update in the bank and comprehensively for all the exams in which we used the grade comment.

Click on the "update the bank and the exams" button.

After that, we will return to the exam we were in and we will be able to see that indeed the change we made affected the grade comment we gave the student.