The second camera supervision module allows for monitoring the examinees from additional angles and “live” proctoring from the exam monitor by additional video footage of the examinee using his mobile phone.

*Tomax’s automatic monitoring mechanism (AI) will be added to this feature in the near future


Examinee side

The examinee must install the TomaEtest application on his mobile phone. Using the application, he will log in to the exam by scanning a barcode and the app will capture a video of him and his surroundings. 

Click here for further information on the operation on the examinee side.

The monitor side (supervision)

If additional camera proctoring has been set for the exam, the monitor will show an additional field for verifying the camera’s positioning.

To confirm the second camera’s position, click the pencil button in the examinee record.

The verification screen will open and the additional camera footage will be visible:

Make sure that the footage captures the examinee’s surroundings, including upper body, and at least part of the screen and keyboard.

Action buttons on the verification screen:

  • Verify- for confirming the examinee

  • Reject - final rejection of the examinee

  • Ask for another video - a message will be sent to an examinee stating that he must perform the second camera verification process again (a detailed message may be added in “Ask for another video”)

The monitor side (integrity report)

Filming the examinee by mobile phone will be added to the integrity report that is available at the end of the exam.