Only relevant for Scrambled Ptinted Exams

In a scrambled printed exam, where the student marks his answers on his answers sheet, the system will validate the markings automatically. A manual validation process will begin if any inconclusive or missing markings appear on the page. During the validation process, the system will show the invalid markings and allow their correction before the exam reaches TomaGrade.

Opening the validation screen

To open the validation screen, proceed according to the following steps:

  1. Go to “Verifying answer sheets”  status
  2. Lock the entry by clicking on the padlock icon
  3. On the “Activity” menu, choose the option “Start verifying answer sheets”

Structure of validation screen

  1. Filter: It is possible to filter the list of errors according to Exam ID, Student ID, and type of error.
  2. Exam ID column.
  3. Student ID column
  4. Corrections’ area
  5. Display of errors and corrections
  6. Show full exam
  7. Corrections log
  8. End of validation

Types of validation

There are two types of validation for the following two types of exceptions:

  1. Undetectable Test Code (version number).
  2. Invalid markings.

Correction of Test Code (version number)

When a student doesn’t mark the exam’s version number or marks the number inaccurately, the system will show an error in identifying the version. In such cases, the system cannot validate the exams since there is no match in the version number. To correct the version number, the person who performs the validation must enter it correctly in the validation screen. It can be retrieved from the code written by the student above the markings, or on the barcode sticker when displaying the full answer sheet, . After typing it, the system will process the exam and validate it according to the version number that was typed.

Correction of invalid markings

There are different types of invalid markings. 

For all types of incorrect markings, there are two options for correction

1. If you do not accept the student's mark, you should mark 0

2. If you accept the marking, enter the relevant answer number

When the student marks two answers, the decision to accept one of the answers is up to the institution’s guidelines.

Examples of invalid markings:

  1. The student marked an x on the blackened answer and an x on a different answer. The required way of marking is blackening only. You need to decide whether to accept one of the answers or give the student a score of 0 
  2. The student did not mark any answer, mark 0.
  3. The student marked two answers, as the first example here, it’s up to you to accept one of the answers or reject both.
  4. The question has only three answers (this can be identified by its delimiting line) yet the student, marked answer number four, the score is 0.

By the end of the validation process, press the DONE button. At this point, the exam status will change to the next step (usually it will move to “pending grades” status) and the answers files will be exposed to the instructor on TomaGrade.

Please note that until the end of the validation process, the instructor will not see the exam in TomaGrade