For any exam that is held online, the lecturer and supervisor may communicate with students in a number of ways.

Communication with students is done from the Monitor (online test management module)

User types

The Messages tab varies according to the user type logged into the system.

Examinees have two ways of sending messages:
To the lecturer, for questions related to the content of the exam and to the supervisor for technical or administrative questions.

The messages interface depends on the function of the user through which you logged into the system


Messages tab (Lecturer type user)

To enter the Messages tab and communicated with students logged into the exam, enter Monitor and click the Messages tab.


The Messages area in Monitor is divided into a number of parts

1. Messages by Question 

2. Question Comments

3. Private Chat

4. Sent messages

Messages by Question

In this tab you can see the questions that students have sent, divided by questions in the exam. If the exam is scrambled, the system will display the questions to the lecturer according to their order in the original form.

In this part, you can read students’ questions and then choose the way to answer (see under Private Chat and Comments)



(1) The question number or section in the original form

(2) An indication that this question has had a comment added in the Question Comments tab

(3) Details of the message and details of the message sender

(4) An indication that the message has been read

Question comment:

When there are many questions from students about a certain question in the exam and it is necessary to provide a clarification or correct an error during the exam, the lecturer can add a comment to the question that will be visible to all examinees.

To add a comment, click Add a Comment to a Question that appears under each question

A comment adding window will appear. Type in the comment and click Add Comment. The comment will appear for all students under the relevant question after scrambling

After adding a comment, you can see on the left side all questions to which comments have been added and browse to the relevant comment.

Private chat

Students’ questions will appear in the private chat by student name. From this tab, the lecturer can correspond directly with the students.

To answer a student’s question, enter the answer at the bottom of the window and click Send.

The relevant question number will appear on the left.

The list may also be filtered and a search for a student name or number may be made.

Sent messages

In this tab, you can see the general questions that were sent to all students. 

To send a general message to students, click the gray button at the end of the title row (screenshot below)

A pane for writing a general message opens. Type in the message and press Send.


Attention! It is recommended not to add information on a certain question or question number in general messages (if the exam is scrambled, the question and answer numbers will be displayed differently to the students)


Messages tab (Supervisor type user)

A Supervisor type user may enter the Messages tab in the same way, but will see only 2 options under Messages: 

Private chat and sent messages.

In the private chat, the supervisor will only get questions related to operation from the students, and not content-related questions. The supervisor can answer each student individually.

In Sent Messages, the supervisor will see the general comments that have been sent to the students.