A feature that allows you to create a demo exam from an existing exam. The demo exam replicates the current exam and allows you to experience it as an examinee.

Creating the Demo Exam

On the monitor, under the "Exam Info" tab, click on the "Create Demo" button located at the bottom of the screen:

 The demo exam monitor opens in a new tab, with a new exam address and exam identifier.

Entering the demo exam as a student

1. Open Vix (the students app)

2. Enter the new exam address, and in the ID field, please input your student ID as it appears on the monitor

Please note that the new monitor will display student details based on the user who created the demo.

3. If required: enter the security password (permanent verification code) or the invigilator code (changing Password) that appears on the monitor in the exam details and start the exam.

Important notes

  • Creating the demo will only be possible for exams that are in active status only!
  • The demo exam opens for one hour only!
  • When creating a demo exam, the locks are canceled (that is, if an exam is defined as locked, the demo exam will open as unlocked).
  • The only hardware test performed in the demo exam is an internet connection test. Therefore, there is no need to connect a camera/microphone.
  • An unlimited number of demo exams can be created, but each creation of a new demo exam will overwrite the previous one: