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Improving the content of the online exams

System: TomaSafe

New Question Type - Fill in the blank 

In the next version update of TomaSafe, we're introducing a new question type - Fill in the blank. This feature

allows you to craft questions with missing words, giving you greater flexibility in designing assessments, and setting the appropriate scoring criteria.

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New Security Feature for Online Exams

System: TomaGrade

Introducing Invigilator Code to enhance exam security 

Security in online exams is paramount, and TomaEtest is taking it to the next level with the introduction of the Invigilator Code Step. This feature enhances the integrity of campus exams, ensuring a fair assessment environment, This code is generated automatically and is exclusive to each student, it changes every two minutes or can be refreshed proactively by the invigilator by pressing a button.

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Graphics Board Support in Grading Exams

System: TomaGrade

Support for touch screens and pen mode

Support for touch screens and pen mode added to TomaGrade, with this update, you can now grade exams using touch screens, making it more intuitive and interactive. 

Increasing the Number of Questions for a Mixed Exam

System: TomaSafe

Option to create up to 100 questions in a mixed exam

TomaSafe is now adding the possibility of creating up to 100 questions in a mixed exam, to enable this option please contact your account manager for additional information. 

Update to the TomaGrade Moodle Plugin 

System: TomaGrade

A new version of Moodle Plugin

This new plugin version addresses various file synchronization issues, ensuring a smoother user experience.

To get the latest version please contact your account manager.