Starting the upload process

  1. Under the "Instructor" rubric click the "Create" status  
  2. Find the record of the relevant course (you can use the filters)
  3. Mark the record and lock it by clicking the padlock icon  
  4. Click on the "Create Exam" button
     Alternatively, you can click the "Activity" menu and select the Upload Exam File option

Creating the Exam

Note that In this creation wizard, you have the option to return to the 'Safe' main screen at any time by clicking the 'BACK TO SAFE' button located at the top left of the page. 

Additionally, you can navigate back to the previous step by using the 'BACK' button found at the bottom left.


In this step, for now, you can proceed by clicking the 'Next' button without making any changes to the fields (Note that these fields may become editable in the future)


Choose how to create the exam content:

  • Upload Word File: Begin by uploading a Word file into the editor. The editor will then open with the content from the Word document, allowing you to continue editing and configuring the exam.  
    It's important to note that before uploading the Word file you have to adjust it for the editor by following the instructions available here [insert link].
  • New Exam:  Clicking "New exam" initiates the exam creation process from scratch in the editor. This option opens the editor with no pre-existing content, allowing you to craft and configure your exam from the ground up.  
  • Import from Tomabank: This option allows you to import the exam and its associated questions from Tomabank. Exams that have been approved in the editor are stored in the exam bank and can be easily retrieved for re-upload.  


After completing the initial steps mentioned above, you will be directed to the TomaEditor, where you can start creating your exam content, including open questions, closed questions, scoring, settings, and more. 

For detailed instructions on how to use the Online Editor effectively, please refer to its dedicated guide: Creating an Exam in TomaEditor

We strongly recommend going through the dedicated guide prior to using the Editor to ensure a smooth experience, prevent errors, and fully acquaint yourself with all its features


 After successfully creating and approving your exam within the editor, you'll arrive at this screen, where you can attach supplementary materials accessible to examinees within the student application during the exam.

To upload additional files:

  • Click the '+' button.
  • Click the 'Upload' button.
  • Choose your file from your computer (in PDF format).

- You can repeat these steps to add multiple files.

- Each file can contain as many pages as needed.

- To remove a file, simply click on the trash-can icon


This screen also includes a guidelines form that you must fill out. Mandatory fields are indicated by a green asterisk.

These fields are adjusted to align with your institution's specific requirements 

(The following screenshot is for illustrative purposes only). 

Once you have completed the required fields, click the 'NEXT' button to proceed.


The final stage is the preview screen, where you can view the exam in a format that closely resembles how it will appear to students.

If everything is to your satisfaction, press the 'APPROVE EXAM' button to confirm and forward it to the appropriate party.

Afterward, the exam record will be moved to its next workflow status and will be available only to the appointed relevant role.