Step one: Enable TomaGrade in the Moodle assignment activity setting 

When adding or updating an assignment, go to TomaGrade setting and enable TomaGrade

Please note:	
  • Each student or group can submit only one file (Recommended: limit maximum number of uploaded files to one)
  • Authorized  file types for students submission: PDF, WORD, JPG
  • Recommended setting for “Submission type
  • students’ submissions will be automatically synced to TomaGrade every 30 minutes

Step two: Grading and feedback with TomaGrade

Open Tomagrade from Moodle

Once students submissions sync to TomaGrade,  go to “View all submissions”

Click “Check with” (For one student only, there is no need to click for each student)

A new window will open, where all students submissions will be available for grading and feedback on TomaGrade interface (see TomaGrade user manual or learn here how to use the application )

After “Finish Checking” on TomaGrade the graded submissions and feedback will sync back to Moodle


Step Three: View results in Moodle

Teacher view:

Student view: 

Get access when you're not the course owner

If you are not the course owner on TomaGrade (related TomaGrade user) you need to be shared (Share additional teachers on TomaGrade)


Note that It is also possible to share the exam directly from TomaGrade