How do I complete the grading?

On the exam screen, at the end of the grading process of a single notebook, press OK to confirm the final grade of the specific notebook

The status of the graded notebook will change to "checked"

After we have approved the final grading for all notebooks, a "Finish checking" button will appear on the main screen, clicking on it will finalize the exam grading

What happens after I clicked on "Finish Checking"?

After pressing the button, the following steps will be taken:

1. The system will close the course's exam and lock it for editing and changes

2. In the courses panel on the main screen - the course will be removed from the list of "Open Courses" to the list of "Closed Courses"

3. Exam files, including the scores, annotations and comments, will be published to students

4. Additional actions tailored to the specific academic institution

How the grades are updated in the academic management systems?

The procedure for transferring grades to an institution varies from one institution to another

(There are institutions in which grades are automatically updated, and others in which it is performed manually by the teacher).
In any case, if you need to send the grades in an Excel file to the institution, you can download it by clicking on the "Download Grades" button:

The exam scores are only part of the course's final grade,  how is the consolidation done?

There are cases where the exam is not the course's final grade and must be combined with additional grades such as assignments, workshops or other exams.
The consolidation of the grades in these cases is carried out according to the instructions of the institution and can be clarified with the relevant department

Can I change grades in TomaGrade after "Finish checking" process is completed?

Changing grades of completed and submitted exams will be done directly in the institution's systems and according to its instructions, also if changes are to be made (e.g. in the case of an appeal) or a recheck after the results has been published, the application for re-open the exam must be submitted by the institution administration

My exams are confidential, how do I prevent their publication to students?

If the exams has been defined as confidential in advance , they will not be published. In any case, it is necessary to verify with the institution the process of preventing publication before clicking the "Finish Checking" button on the main screen