You can grade a question in several ways:

Giving a "final score" for the question using the 'G' button

Click on the 'G' button on the toolbar

Click on the place where you want the score to appear and the "Grade Question" window will open:

   1. The question number - the default question is the first in order questions that haven't been scored yet.

         You can change the question number manually.

    2. The score box- can be entered manually or by the virtual keyboard.

         The maximum score is limited to what is defined within the "Exam Structure".

    3. Comment box - You can add a comment that will appear next to the final score.

         This comment is not saved in the "comments Bank".

The typed score will appear on the exam and will be updated in the Exam Questions panel

Grading directly into the Exam Questions panel

Type the score in the score box with the appropriate question

Attention!  You can not score directly into the Exam Question panel and use the score buttons (G) at the same time. 

If you select one of the methods, you can not use the other on the same exam notebook.

Enter a "Final Score" directly to a specific question by using the "Mini G" button

"Mini G" is a dedicated score button that allows you to grade a question chosen from the Exam Questions panel

Click on the small G button next to the question in the panel and click on the desired location on the exam, 

the Grade Question window will open with the selected question.

Attention! These buttons will only be available for exams in which a Grade Structure  has been set,

 nor will they appear if you have chosen to directly enter the score in the Exam Question panel

Quick grading for multiple choice exams

Accessing the quick grading buttons is by clicking the small arrow next to the "G Button"

Select the desired button and click on the exam,

 the score will be entered directly (without the additional "Grade Question" window)

 Button: gives the full points to the question

 Button: score 0 for the question

 Button: gives half of the score to the question

Best practice:

Double-clicking on one of those quick grading tools will leave them active even after the score is given.


Pressing the Ctrl key on your keyboard will switch between the scoring options

Attention 1These buttons will only be available for exams in which a Grade Structure has been set

Attention 2: Do not get confused with the  V, half V and X tools within the annotation toolbar, 

these tools are not grading tools and will not affect the grading of the exam.

Partial score - Plus and Minus buttons

You can subtract or add partial score to the question by using the plus and minus buttons.

Click here to learn how to work with the tool