Grading Methods

There are three main methods for assigning grades in the system:

1. Grading directly in the question's box - grading where the score is entered directly into the question box on the grading screen, without using annotations on the notebook. 

2. Using the Grading Annotation Toolbar: Grading is done using the large G button (1) and the "mini G" buttons next to the questions (2). This method can also includes the partial grades tools (3) and the fixed grading tool (4).

3. Grading with Rubrics: Using the Rubrics tool and assigning a grade using different scoring levels for the question and/or criterion 

Choosing a Grading Method and Its Significance

TomaGrade allows for grading each notebook using only one grading method - you cannot use more than one method for the same notebook .

When you click on one of the grading tools, a "Choosing Grading Method " window will pop up, showing:

(1) The grading method you have chosen

(2) The methods that will not be available after this selection

(3) The option to select the grading method at once for all papers in the exam

The selected grading method is for a specific notebook unless the "Don't show this again" box is checked.

How to Change the Grading Method After It Has Been Selected

  • If you have chosen a grading method, you can only change it by resetting the grading for the specific notebook.
  • If you have applied the grading method to all notebooks, you can only reset the method by resetting the course.