A user with access to the exam  monitor can block a student from entering or stop them during the exam.


Steps to Stop/Block a Student

1. In the monitor, go to the Participants tab.

2. Check the checkbox next to the relevant student.

3. From the Quick Actions menu bar, click "Stop Participant's Exam"

4. On the blocking screen, click the red button.

If you want to add a personal message to the student, check the checkbox next to "Add Message to Participant" and enter the message in the text box.

How to Know if a Student Is Blocked and Who Blocked Them?

In the Exam Status column, "Stopped By" will appear.

By hovering over the status, you can see who performed the blocking.

How to Unblock (re-authorize) a Student?

To unblock a student, again select the relevant student and select "Stop Participant's Exam" . In the window click the green button ("re-authorize [student] exam")

Does the Student Need to Re-Login After Being Stopped?

Yes, the student will be logged out thus they will be required to perform a re-login process.

Can a Student Be Blocked Before Entering the Exam?

Yes, once the exam is active in the monitor, the blocking can be performed to prevent the student from log into the exam.

What Does It Look Like on the Student Side?

During the exam:

Log into the exam:

Is a blocked student's exam submitted to TomaGrade for review ?

No. The exam notebooks of a blocked student are not transferred to TomaGrade.