Automatic verification, also known as "virtual invigilator", is a feature that allows students to be verified by AI, thus making the invigilator's job easier at the verification stage.

How does it work?

Automatic verification is performed by an AI system that compares the examinee's face in the ID card photo to the face taken by the webcam.

If the system is able to perform a definitive verification, it will update the examinee's verification status to Approved . If the identification was not definitive, it will leave the examinee in the Pending status for manual verification.

How to set it up?


It can be set as a default for all online exams, as well as a selection field when creating the exam or at the approval stage. (These settings are made upon request with your contact at Tomax).

During the exam:

The virtual invigilator can be enabled or disabled in the exam monitor, under the "Exam Info" tab, in the "Settings" column.

In the "Automatic verification for students" setting, click on the pencil button to enable or disable it.

Please note that the automatic verification is only relevant to the camera verification and will not be performed on other verification types.

How to know who approved automatically?

In the Verifications tab in the monitor, when you hover over the verification status in the "Identity Check" column, it will show who performed the verification. If the virtual invigilator performed it, it will show "Virtual invigilator":