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Excel Exam - Now Available on MAC

System: TomaEtest

Possibility of taking Excel Exams on Mac Computers

Exams containing Excel questions are now supported on Apple's MacOS system, expanding accessibility for users.

Horizontal Verifications Screen

System: TomaEtest

Verification of Students in All Exams in One Place

A new feature allows the display of verifications for all exams on a given day through the "Super Monitor" interface, simplifying the invigilation process and enhancing efficiency.

Additional Updates

  • Introduction of Multiple Surveillance Sources
  • Significant Improvement in AI Engine for Identifying Suspicious Events
  • Addition of a List Mode on the Verification Page for Efficient Work
  • Bug Fixes Across All Products
  • Infrastructure Upgrade and Performance Improvements

Upcoming Enhancements

  • UX Upgrades for Student Experience
  • Improvements in Bank and Question Database Management
  • Implementation of a Student Service-Call Management System During Exams