Below is a table that outlines the fields in the participants' table within the Participants' Tab:

Participant IDA unique number is assigned to each exam participant, typically matching their student personal ID in the college's database. It's used to identify and track individual records during the exam process.
Student IDThe student's unique personal identification number is on the ID card.
Full NameThe student's full name.
EmailThe student's personal Email address.
Phone no.The student's personal phone number.
Start Time LimitationThe allowed time window, measured in minutes, for students to begin the exam
Exam StatusThe student's general activity status within the exam.
Verification StatusThe status of the student's identity and facial recognition verification process conducted by the invigilator (Didn't Upload Images Yet, Verified, Rejected, Waiting for Verification).
Invigilator Code Verification StatusThe status of the verification process in which a student enters a code provided by the invigilator before or during an examination.
Room Verification The status of the verification process for the room and the environment where the exam is scheduled to take place.
Camera Position VerificationThe verification process's status ensures that the second camera is positioned correctly captures the student's image for real-time monitoring during the exam.
Bathroom BreakThe status of a student's bathroom break request during an exam. It helps exam administrators and invigilators monitor and manage the timing and duration of these breaks.
Verification TypeThe method or combination of methods used to verify a student's identity before or during an exam (Camera, Password, Both or None).
Proctoring TypeThe method or combination of methods employed to monitor and supervise a student during the exam to ensure integrity and compliance with exam rules (Monitor Recording, Computer Camera, Second Camera).
Disabled Hardware ChecksThis field indicates whether certain hardware checks that are typically performed before a student can start the exam have been disabled.
Start TimeThe starting time of the exam according to each student, taking into account factors such as login time etc'.
End TimeThe estimated ending time of the exam according to each student, taking into account factors such as time extensions etc'.
Submission TimeThe timestamp indicates when a student completed and submitted their examination.  
Text to SpeechThe "Text-to-Speech" feature is enabled for a specific student (entitled students)
Time ExtensionThe extra time is manually added to a student.
Percentage Time Extension AccommodationThe fixed extra time a student is entitled to in case of unique accommodation or adjustment.
Questions AnsweredThe percentage of questions each student has answered.
GradeThe preliminary grade that the student has received only considers the closed questions.
Submission TypeThe method of submission of each student's exam is manually by the student or automatically by the system in case of timeout.
Scan SubmissionIn certain exams, students have to submit scanned files from their phones, this shows whether the student has indeed submitted scanned files or not. 
Number of Files UploadedThe total count of files that a student has uploaded for the given exam. 
Scans AmountThe number of files that a student has scanned using their phone or scanning device for the given exam.
Integrity ScoreThe score given to the student is based on an analysis of the events that were generated during the exam. The analysis is automatic.
Integrity Review StatusThe status selected for each student after going over the Integrity report. The status in the reliability report can be modified.
Supervision GroupThe supervisor or supervisors are assigned to monitor the specific student in case the exam takes place in an exam room. 
Exam RoomThe classroom where the specific student is taking the exam.
Remove SubmissionAn option for the supervisor to manually withdraw the exam submitted by the student for different reasons.