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Improving the Verification Phase - A Dedicated Screen for Verifying Students

System: TomaEtest

Introducing the verification tab in the monitor!

We introduce a dedicated screen designed to enhance the examinee verification process. This feature aims to simplify and expedite the review, approval, or rejection of various verifications, all in one convenient location.

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"Super-Monitor" - Manage All Exams in the Institution from One Place 

System: TomaEtest

Introducing a horizontal management and operation interface for exam-day administration

 This new interface empowers administrators to oversee all ongoing exams in the institution from a single unified platform. This feature is available for various management roles, providing essential information and facilitating horizontal operations for all exams and participants.

But wait, there's more:

  • Stopping and Returning Users in an Online Test
  • Displaying a Second Camera in the Surveillance Tab
  • Automatic Playback of Events on the Timeline in the Reliability Report
  • Audio Activation by Examinees in the Supervision Tab
  • Enhanced Display Mechanism for Adaptability to Various Screens in the Supervision Tab
  • Improvements in Student Verification with "Tomax's Virtual Supervisor"
  • Upgraded Tomax's AI Engine for Automatic Supervision
  • Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements, and User Experience Improvements