The steps to view the checked exam notebooks:

1. On the main screen scroll down to the bottom of the courses panel

2. Click on the plus button next to "Display published courses"

3. From the list of courses (exams) that will be displayed, choose the relevant exam.

4. To enter a specific notebook, click on the desired ID in the table of examinees.

5. If you want to view several notebooks by scrolling through the viewing screen, mark the desired notebooks (you can mark all of them by clicking on the top check box) and click on the "view exam" button.

6. On the viewing screen (formerly the grading screen) you can view the grades and all the annotations you added during the examination.

If you want to view the notebook as a PDF as the student received it (including the summary page for the exam) and/or download it to your computer, you can click on the "eye" button.

See the following guides for a more detailed explanation of the last step: