Note that In "exposure," the meaning is the exposure of the graded exam notebook to the student, whether he will receive the output and also to which parts he will be exposed.

If you wish to modify the type of exposure for the online exam (even after it has taken place), you can make the changes within the Dashboard management system:

1.  Do this step Only if the exam has already been published -  Open the exam for editing (change the status to "completed") by searching for the exam in the "Users and Courses" tab. Click on the "More actions" menu, then select "Edit." Change the status to "Done" and save.

2. In the "Extra fields" tab, locate the relevant exam by typing the exam ID in the general search box or in the "key value" field.

3. Click on "Additional options" and choose "Edit." You should update it to "yes" for exposure or "no" for removal of exposure for each section (questions/answers, open, closed, summary page).

   (click to enlarge)

Please note! 
Due to a temporary issue, after updating the settings (from yes to no or vice versa) the update may not appear immediately. This is a visual issue only, and the update will take place in practice. If you log in from a different browser, or logout and re-enter the system, you will be able to see that the update has been applied

4. This step is required only If the exam has already been published : Go to the "Files Management" tab and select all the notebooks (use Shift to select multiple records).

5. In the "More Options" menu, click on "End Check." Note that if there are many notebooks, it is possible and necessary to browse and perform this for all notebooks.

6. After confirming the exam in the "More Options" menu, click on "Finish Checking."

7. CThe exam will be re-rendered, and at the end, the notebooks will be republished with the new exposure settings.