Revamped Integrity Report 

System: TomaEtest - Monitor

The integrity report in TomaEtest - Monitor has undergone a remarkable makeover that goes beyond a simple "upgrade":

  • Full Synchronization Between Video Sources
  • New and Sophisticated Video Player
  • Colorful and Distinct Event Visualization
  • Detailed Student Data and Supervision Types
  • Intuitive Design for Quick Diagnosis

(click on the image to enlarge)

   - Our smart and user-friendly design allows for swift diagnosis and easy navigation to specific events. Key features include:

  1. Video from the web camera 
  2. Video of the second camera from the mobile phone 
  3. Video of the computer screen
  4. Play button
  5. 10-second forward and backward jump
  6. Timeline bar
  7. Event channels with separate colors 
  8. Manual event entry
  9. Review status update
  10. Exam details
  11. Types of authentication defined for the test 
  12. View of the student's event history

And soon! A new and Improved "Super" monitor for managing several exams from the same screen and more...