✨ A new year began and we are opening with news befitting the occasion ✨

What's on the menu:

Complete the online exam with a whitelisted URL

System: TomaEtest, TomaSafe, Vix client

Create a list of authorized sites for online exams (Whitelist URL) with three levels of protection

Very significant news for the online exams. We have completed the development of one of the most requested features, allowing examinees to exit a locked exam to predefined websites, including various authorization options:

  • "Full": Permission to access only a certain website address without being able to navigate to other websites
  • "Semi": Authorization for a certain domain that will allow access only to sites under that domain
  • "None": No restrictions to navigate to other sites.

* Note that there will be no access to the address bar  (it will not be possible to enter a website address), access to other websites will only be possible by clicking on links, if any, within the website

The Exam creation side (exam editor):

The student's side:

Exam Statistics directly from TomaSafe

System: TomaSafe

A New option to view the reports and statistics of the graded exams within TomaSafe

Starting today you can view the reports and statistics of exams graded in TomaGrade directly from TomaSafe.

All you have to do is locate the exam in TomaSafe during or after the exam, mark it (1), and choose from the "Activity" menu (2) the option: "Show reports" (3).

Sharing Exam Directly from the "Dashboard"

System: TomaGrade

Administrators - share exams directly from the administration panel

An important feature has been added for users who have access to the TomaGrade administration panel (aka "Dashboard"), which allows you to share the grading process with additional users with the click of a button:

Enhancing Supervision Management through Examinee Grouping

System: TomaEtest - Monitor

Attention Exam Invigilators: Starting today, you can group examinees.

From today it is possible to divide the examinees into groups and assign separate invigilators to each group. The solution will allow the invigilators to manage smaller groups of students in the same exam and thus facilitate the administration of the exam in real-time in all its aspects such as notifications, time extensions, verifications, and more.

Real-Time Integrity Alerts and Events on the Monitor

System: TomaEtest - Monitor

A new "Proctoring" tab in the monitor for proactive monitoring of real-time events

A new tab was added to the monitor where you can filter the events relevant to you and receive a real-time indication for them.

(1) Go to the supervision tab. (2) Select the events of supervision. (3) Click on "Open" and you will go to the examinee's supervision page

Want more?

There is something to wait for... new features coming up (really) soon, such as creating an online exam in different versions from a question pool.

And there's more... until the next update ✋