The automatic verification is a tool that was developed by Tomax in order to shorten the duration that invigilators spend in order to verify the student's identity and compare the photo of the student in the ID card, which he presents during the verification step, to the photo of his face.

Table of Contents

How does the tool work?

Exam monitor side

1. First step: 

Locating the ID in the photo. This step relies on artificial intelligence of image recognition. The tool is able to recognize different types of documents such as identity cards, student cards, licenses and reject non-identifying documents, such as credit cards, gift cards, etc.

2. Second step: 

Locating the face in the two photos, in the ID card and the face photo, and calculating the probability that they belong to the same person.

The student side

When the students log in to the exam, the system will ask to take a photo of their face and ID (as is always done in an exam that is defined with face verification and identity card)

Automatic verification on the monitor


In the monitor, in the "Exam Info" tab, in the "Settings" column, there is an "Automatic verification for student" field.
The default is "No", which means that the verification is done manually. If you change the value to "yes", the automatic test is activated.


In the "Verifications" tab, if the virtual invigilator succeeds in verification, it will be written "Approved" and an icon next to it (C).

If the student is not automatically verified, he will remain in "Pending" status (A) until the invigilator approves him manually and then it will be written "Approved" and an icon next to it (B).

Setting up automatic verification as a default (in the TomaSafe)

The setting of the automatic verification in TomaSafe is done in the Admin Panel under "extra fields management" and will only be done by a system administrator user. For more details, contact Tomax support.