Before uploading your Word file to the Editor, it's important to make some adjustments to ensure a smooth transition. Here are the steps to prepare your document:

Exam Intro:

Place the exam introduction before the questions. Avoid including numbers followed by a period at the beginning of a sentence in the introduction.

Question General Formatting:

  • Ensure that all questions start with a number followed by a period ('.').
  • In open-ended questions, avoid including numbers followed by a period at the beginning of sentences as part of the question content. The editor may interpret them as closed questions.

Question Numbering: 

  • The first question in your document must be numbered as question number 1.
  • Ensure that question numbers are not repeated, even if there are different sections or parts - Question numbers should be in ascending and continuous order.

Answers Formatting (for MCQ): 

  • Answers should start with a letter followed by a period ('.').
  • Correct answers should be placed as the first answer option. This is because the Editor's default behavior is to mark the first answer as correct after loading the Word file.
    While this recommendation is not mandatory, following it can help avoid potential mistakes. Please note that you can always change the correct answer within the Editor itself if needed.

Open-Ended Questions with Sections:

To add sections to an open-ended question, start each section with the number of the main question, followed by a period, and then the section number.

The number of the first section should always be 1.

Closed questions should not contain sections.

Images and Tables:

Place images and tables below the relevant paragraph or sentence. Do not set floating images, and do not add image placeholder text.


Formulas should be created only by Word's formula editor, as images, or generated directly with the formula tool within the Editor.

In general, it is recommended to remove any complex formatting from your exam document before adjusting it for loading into the Editor. This will help ensure proper conversion and formatting within the software.