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What are the steps for sharing the exam?

1. Selecting the exam notebooks:

 On the main screen ("Exam Details" screen), check the exam(s) that you want to share (you can select all of them by checking the top checkbox)

2. Open the Share Setting screen: 

In the "More options" menu, choose "Share" and the "Share" popup window will open

3. Adding the Partner:

 In the Sharing dialog box, type the name / email of the faculty member in the search box and click on the name that appears under the box

Attention: Sharing an exam can only be done with a faculty member who is registered in the institution's academic management system.

4. Setting grading permissions:

 The assessor we chose will be added to the questions sharing table where we can define permission for each question - whether it is read only or writing.

The permission type can be set by clicking the pencil icon, "Writing permission" allows the assessor to grade the question and "Reading permission" is a view only permission

5. Additional options:

You can add a comment to the current assessor in the text box; you can also set whether the assessor will have permissions to share the exam with additional assessors.
Finally click "Save". 

The assessor will be notified by e-mail containing your note and an entry link to the TomaGrade

Can different users grade the same notebook at the same time?

Not possible, only one user can grade a specific notebook at a given time.
A user who tries to grade a notebook that is currently being graded by another user will receive an alert with an indication of who is currently grading the notebook