How do I add a comment to the exam sheet?

To add a comment on the test sheet, we will use the tool in the toolbar.

Clicking the icon and clicking on the test in the desired location and we can add a comment as part of the document.

You can edit the comment  that we have already added by double-clicking the comment anutation on the test.

The comment, like all highlighting and highlighting tools, can be moved, rotated, and resized by dragging with the mouse.

How do I change the appearance of a comment?

When you add a note to the test, a text editor window opens where we can set the comment color, font size, background color, and more:

1. Resize, background color and font color

 2. Format the font appearance

 3. Mathematical formulas

 4. Remove formatting

 5. Open a more advanced comments editor window

 6.left align, center align right align.

 7.add coment to the comments bank

 8.after editing add new comment to comment bank.

have no place to comment, what do I do? (Sticky note)

Sticky Note Allows you to add a comment in an "economical" way. This note appears as an icon only. The contents of the note will only be visible in the mouse over the anotape.
To add a sticky note, select the tool in the toolbar and click on the exam where you want.

The sticky note is used as every comment and can be edited and saved in the bank for reuse.

How can I record a message on the exam?

Another type of note in the system is a voice note that allows you to record a message that will be saved on the test
To make the recording, use a microphone connected to the computer.

How to use the voice note tool:
Clicking the Record button on the toolbar


After clicking on the exam at the desired location, the recording window will open