You can correspond about specific exams with different roles within the system. Common correspondences include interactions between a lecturer and the exams department or between the lecturer and Tomax's exams preparations team (in institutes where this service is available).

For example, if a lecturer needs to communicate about their exam with the exam department, they can send a direct message from TomaSafe. 

Here are the stages for sending a message:

Stages for sending a message:

  1. Select the relevant record (click on the padlock).
  2. Click the "Messages" tab
  3. Click the “Select title” box and choose the required recipients (e.g., exams department, Tomax, etc.).
    Try to avoid choosing the first option - “ALL,” as the message will be sent to all possible roles.
  4. Compose your message.
  5. Click “Send”

If the recipient responds from within TomaSafe, you will receive an email with the reply's content, and you can also read it within the TomaSafe's "Messages" tab.